Monday, 16 October 2017

Another Occasion to Celebrate!!!

“It’s not just about ideas, its about making ideas happen”

On October 7 2017, the team Fab-Retreat organized a handicraft sale on the occasion of Diwali to exhibit their hard work, within the school premises. This event took the spirit of best out of waste to a next level. The industrious hands created elegant handicrafts out of all the used stuff. The usually categorized worthless things got their worth back when the students turned them into beautiful articles. The articles prepared by the students included 

  1.  Lamps 
  2.  Candle-Stands
  3.  Floating Diyas
  4.  Rubber Bands 
  5.  Notebooks
  6.  Eco-friendly bags.

 This project indulged both Students and parents. It was a creative way to make stronger home-school partnership bonds. The appealing articles caught everyone’s eyes and were appreciated by all. Parents gave their precious feedback for us to get better. The project concluded with immense satisfaction and pleasure.

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