Thursday, 23 November 2017

Profitability of the School Business

School Entrepreneurship challenge is becoming an enriching journey for the students of MAPS who have been exploring the various aspects of entrepreneurship.
 Our Efforts are to sow the seed of entrepreneurship in the young minds and to prepare a threshold to establish the kingdom of entrepreneurship

Students in the past months have experienced immense pressure especially to meet deadlines which have helped them gain experience to become a real entrepreneur. They have learned coordination, planning, execution and teamwork which comprehends all their skills.

FAB RETREAT has become a huge success in our school. It has gained popularity due to the quality of our products, fair and competitive pricing.

Zeal to earn has become a great passion for the team members. Besides that, the team is shouldering the responsibility to use the profits for Social works like (Providing Free Gifts During Diwali Time, Birthday Celebration of underprivileged children, etc.) this act of kindness enables us to move forward into the future.

Financial Update !
We are proud to tell that we have earned about Rs 25,000 revenue and earned a Net Profit of around Rs 10,000 as of October 2017.

All of this profit has been possible by doing a lot of cost-cutting. We made the stuff on our own which was feasible like notebooks and used to always but in bulk to save on our purchases as well.

Soaring High has increased our confidence and giving motivation and confidence to get more profit to use it for a social cause.

Competitions like SEC have encouraged students to join hands together and lead to success.

Our motive is to earn profit to bring smiles to the soar faces in our society. We have planned to connect our project with the central government of INDIA programme which is "Start-Up INDIA"
through this scheme, we will be to utilize our government policies which will help us to reach higher authorities quickly and also gathering a lot of Investor Attention which periodically can help us in introducing new products, investing more on capital, etc.

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