Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Sustainability of Our School Business

Our business Fab Retreat which is going great lately thanks to the fact that we are always improving ourselves. All of the credit goes to us being sustainable with our growth, which was all due to us keeping a detailed record of our purchases and sales and also to maintain the business we distribute weekly and monthly targets that we need to achieve which has always kept us on our toes and this
is something that will ensure our success.

Our main development in Business since beginning
After our first sale we had a lot of raw and processed products available in our stock so we
dismantled our processed products and coupled with raw products made a huge bump in profit
paying off everyone’s initial investment.

In the words of our Editorial head, Cheshta,
“Working with SEC has given me opportunities to write
various articles which in turn has led to a marked improvement
in my writing skills. This not only helped me to achieve good marks
but also win awards in literary competition.” 

In the words of our Planning head, Aditi,

 “The experience gained with SEC while organizing
all the events and working to create
various products has not only lend  a helping hand
for me in competitions but also at maintaining my work
in class.”

In the words of our Treasurer, Isha,
“Happiness of those ladies while getting the charity from us is my favorite memory.
This has built a light of social service with us.”

What are the measures?
All of us (Students) are constantly working on discovering new products which require
minimum investment but the final product is able to give decent revenue to our sales.
  • We communicate daily in School as well as at Home
  • We update our ideas to each other on daily bases for new products through the 
  • whatsapp group.
  • We use cloud software (google sheets, docs) to keep a document of our progress
  • We regularly communicate with our in charge (Ms. Rashi)  for guidance and support
  • Due to our constant communication we have been able to complete our targets
  • Products for our sale are made well in advance to avoid last minute panic and give us time to improve on our products as well. And moreover maximize our profit in our next sale.                                   

What are our future plans?

Our future plans include putting up exhibition in malls in the nearby locality.

we are looking forward to exhibit our stuff in the school’s biggest event i.e. The Christmas Carnival.

We will be diversifying in the coming future by including durable eatables.

How are we tackling the problem to keep the business sustainable?

  • Our daily communication helped us get comfortable with each other and is our greatest strength after all
  • Our maintained accounts and consistent guidance from teachers have helped us throughout the hurdles we have faced.
  • We are reusing  the old clothes which gives us immense satisfaction that we aren’t destroying our nature.  
  • Providing charity to the ladies is also the basic principle we are so successful in our business as well said by our Cultural head, Khushi “Give happiness today and you’ll get it in return tomorrow.” 

  • Being inspired by J.J. Clincton’s words,
    Lucky people get opportunities, brave people create opportunities and winners are those who convert problems into opportunities

    we are converting our problems into opportunities each day.


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